31 July 2013

Academy Update: New Chrome Extension Launched

The Cloud Skills Academy Chrome Extension provides context sensitive help in Google Apps. Once added, the extension icon can be clicked from any Google Apps screen to view key help categories and topics for the application you are currently using: Email, Calendar, Drive. Docs or Sites

For example, clicking on the extension in Google Apps Email will show the following options:

After clicking on the Cloud Skills Academy icon:

  • Click on a heading to expand that heading and show all topics
  • Click on a topic to launch the Cloud Skills Academy and display help on the selected topic

As Google Apps is constantly evolving, with new features added on a regular basis, the Cloud Skills Academy extension icon will inform you when a new feature is available.

Clicking on the icon in this case will show you all new topics available for you to view for the application you are currently using:

Visit the Chrome Web Store to install the Cloud Skills Academy chrome extension, or ask your domain administrator to contact us to find out how to enable the extension for all users.

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